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It’s been an exciting spring, completing the last of my three-book series OASIS CIRCLE. The Oasis Circle neighbors have stuck with each other through some pretty prickly situations. When I began writing Book #1, Tumbleweeds, I could not have imagined the adventures these ladies were to experience.

Separated by just a few feet between their modest bungalows, they are isolated from each other by the demands of their unfulfiling lives, until free-spirited Stella Woods is swept into their midst by a monsoon, literally. The ladies couldn’t just retire, play bridge and pump out cakes for the bake sale, no way. They pursue their destinies across the Sonoran Desert, in Rome, on the Ligurian seacoast, in the Umbrian wine country, and on a hardscrabble farm in Alabama.

In Book #2, Blue Palo Verde, it became clear they would not let anyone get in the way of their quests for love and acceptance, or tromp on their dreams. In Book #3, Flower of the Woman, the ladies show us that you are never too old to love, to forgive or to live your passion.

I am honored that these spirited women allowed me to make their journeys with them. It’s been so enjoyable, they are trying to convince me that there is more to be accomplished and maybe I should think about Book #4? We’ll see.

Warm regards,

Char Bishop




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  1. Cynthia Robertson

    Char, your blog site looks very nice! Good Job!

  2. Diana Douglas

    I’m happy to see you up and running and I’m looking forward to your posts!

  3. Shona Patel

    Wow! All very exciting developments. The Alaska memoir sounds amazing. Sending you good thoughts! :)

  4. Robin Clark

    Mom, love the blog! I always have known you are a awesome writer, you are meant to write. just keep at it! God’s plan is come to fruit, love you more than ever!

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