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It’s been so enjoyable writing about the Oasis Circle neighbors, who have stuck with each other through some pretty prickly situations.

Separated by just a few feet between their modest bungalows, they are isolated from each other by the demands of their unfulfilling lives, until free-spirited Stella Woods arrives to inspire them to romance and personal fulfillment. The ladies couldn’t just retire, play bridge and pump out cakes for the bake sale, no way. They pursue their destinies on the Sonoran Desert, in Rome, on the Ligurian Seacoast, in the Umbrian wine country, and on a hardscrabble farm in Alabama.

In Book #2, Blue Palo Verde, it becomes clear they will not let anyone get in the way of their quests for love and acceptance, or tromp on their dreams. In Book #3, Flower of the Woman, the ladies show us that you are never too old to love, to forgive or to live your passion. And ends with an unusual surprise wedding!


I’m so happy to be at work on the first of my boomer romance series, easy, uplifting reads with characters we can relate to: women with mid-life responsibilities behind them, still ready to take on life and explore new paths.

Like the first book, in the series, I WON’T LET YOU GO, each book will feature a boomer age woman seeking meaning in her life, reinventing herself, finding new romance or reclaiming lost love. Yes, the ladies enjoy wonderful tender sex scenes that evolve into surprising passion.

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